Run TypeScript code directly, without any compiling.


Execute a TypeScript file without compiling (node + tsc)

$ ts-node [path/to/file.ts]

Execute a TypeScript file without loading tsconfig.json
$ ts-node --skip-project [path/to/file.ts]

Evaluate TypeScript code passed as a literal on the command-line
$ ts-node --eval '[console.log("Hello World")]'

Execute a TypeScript file in script mode
$ ts-node --script-mode [path/to/file.ts]

Transpile a TypeScript file to JavaScript without executing it
$ ts-node --transpile-only [path/to/file.ts]

Display TS-Node help
$ ts-node --help


ts-node [options] [-e script] [arguments]


Runs the given script, either in a file or inlined with the -e switch, using Node.js or TypeScript.

-e, --eval [code]

Evaluate code

-p, --print

Print result of `--eval`

-r, --require [path]

Require a node module before execution

-i, --interactive

Opens the REPL even if stdin does not appear to be a terminal

-h, --help

Print CLI usage

-v, --version

Print module version information

-s, --script-mode

Use cwd from <script.ts> instead of current directory

-T, --transpile-only

Use TypeScript's faster `transpileModule`

-H, --compiler-host

Use TypeScript's compiler host API

-I, --ignore [pattern]

Override the path patterns to skip compilation

-P, --project [path]

Path to TypeScript JSON project file

-C, --compiler [name]

Specify a custom TypeScript compiler

-D, --ignore-diagnostics [code] Ignore TypeScript warnings by diagnostic code

-O, --compiler-options [opts]

JSON object to merge with compiler options


Specify working directory for config resolution


Scope compiler to files within `cwd` only


Load `files`, `include` and `exclude` from `tsconfig.json` on startup


Use pretty diagnostic formatter (usually enabled by default)


Skip reading `tsconfig.json`


Skip `--ignore` checks


Prefer importing TypeScript files over JavaScript files


Logs TypeScript errors to stderr instead of throwing exceptions

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