Compile a TypeScript file foobar.ts into a JavaScript file foobar.js

$ tsc [foobar.ts]

Compile a TypeScript file into JavaScript using a specific target syntax (default is ES3)
$ tsc --target [ES5|ES2015|ES2016|ES2017|ES2018|ESNEXT] [foobar.ts]

Compile a TypeScript file into a JavaScript file with a custom name
$ tsc --outFile [output.js] [input.ts]

Compile all .ts files of a TypeScript project defined in a tsconfig.json file
$ tsc --build [tsconfig.json]

Run the compiler using command-line options and arguments fetched from a text file
$ tsc @[args.txt]

Type-check multiple JavaScript files, and output only the errors
$ tsc --allowJs --checkJs --noEmit [src/**/*.js]


tsc --outFile file.js file.ts

tsc @args.txt



Allow javascript files to be compiled.


Allow default imports from modules with no default export. This does not affect code emit, just typechecking.


Do not report errors on unreachable code.


Do not report errors on unused labels.


Base directory to resolve non-absolute module names.

-d, --declaration

Generates corresponding '.d.ts' file.


Enables experimental support for ES7 decorators.


Disallow inconsistently-cased references to the same file.

-h, --help

Print this message.


Initializes a TypeScript project and creates a tsconfig.json file.

--jsx KIND

Specify JSX code generation: 'preserve' or 'react'


Specify library files to be included in the compilation: 'es5' 'es6' 'es2015' 'es7' 'es2016' 'es2017' 'dom' 'webworker' 'scripthost' 'es2015.core' 'es2015.collection' 'es2015.generator' 'es2015.iterable' 'es2015.promise' 'es2015.proxy' 'es2015.reflect' 'es2015.symbol' 'es2015.symbol.wellknown' 'es2016.array.include' 'es2017.object' 'es2017.sharedmemory'

--mapRoot LOCATION

Specify the location where debugger should locate map files instead of generated locations.


The maximum dependency depth to search under node_modules and load JavaScript files

-m KIND, --module KIND

Specify module code generation: 'commonjs', 'amd', 'system', 'umd' or 'es2015'


Specify module resolution strategy: 'node' (Node.js) or 'classic' (TypeScript pre-1.6).

--newLine NEWLINE

Specify the end of line sequence to be used when emitting files: 'CRLF' (dos) or 'LF' (unix).


Do not emit outputs.


Do not emit outputs if any errors were reported.


Report errors for fallthrough cases in switch statement.


Raise error on expressions and declarations with an implied 'any' type.


Report error when not all code paths in function return a value.


Raise error on 'this' expressions with an implied 'any' type.


Do not emit 'use strict' directives in module output.


Report errors on unused locals.


Report errors on unused parameters.


Redirect output structure to the directory.

--outFile FILE

Concatenate and emit output to single file.


Do not erase const enum declarations in generated code.


Stylize errors and messages using color and context. (experimental)


Compile the project in the given directory.


Specify the object invoked for createElement and __spread when targeting 'react' JSX emit


Do not emit comments to output.

--rootDir LOCATION

Specify the root directory of input files. Use to control the output directory structure with --outDir.


Skip type checking of declaration files.


Generates corresponding '.map' file.

--sourceRoot LOCATION

Specify the location where debugger should locate TypeScript files instead of source locations.


Enable strict null checks.


Suppress noImplicitAny errors for indexing objects lacking index signatures.

-t VERSION, --target VERSION

Specify ECMAScript target version: 'ES3' (default), 'ES5', or 'ES2015'


Enable tracing of the name resolution process.


Type declaration files to be included in compilation.

-v, --version

Print the compiler's version.

-w, --watch

Watch input files.


Insert command line options and files from a file.

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