btop [-h] [-v] [-/+t] [-p <id>] [--utf-force] [--debug]


btop is a modern and colorful command line resource monitor that shows usage and stats for processor, memory, disks, network and processes.

btop beatures: - Easy to use, with a game inspired menu system. - Full mouse support, all buttons with a highlighted key is clickable and mouse scroll works in process list and menu boxes. - Fast and responsive UI with UP, DOWN keys process selection. - Function for showing detailed stats for selected process. - Ability to filter processes. - Easy switching between sorting options. - Tree view of processes. - Send any signal to selected process. - UI menu for changing all config file options. - Auto scaling graph for network usage. - Shows IO activity and speeds for disks - Battery meter - Selectable symbols for the graphs - Custom presets - And more...


optional arguments:

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

-v, --version

show version info and exit

-lc, --low-color

disable truecolor, converts 24-bit colors to 256-color

-t, --tty_on

force (ON) tty mode, max 16 colors and tty friendly graph symbols

+t, --tty_off

force (OFF) tty mode

-p, --preset <id>

start with preset, integer value between 0-9


force start even if no UTF-8 locale was detected


start in DEBUG mode: shows microsecond timer for information collect and screen draw functions and sets loglevel to DEBUG



btop was written by Aristocratos.

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