transform roff code into x mode


roff2x [groffer-option . . .] [ -- ] [filespec . . .] roff2x -h roff2x --help roff2x -v roff2x --version

The options -v and --version print the version information of the program to standard output and exit. The options -h and --help print a usage information of the program to standard output and stop the program instantly.

All other options are assumed to be groffer options. They are internally passed to groffer. They override the behavior of the program. The options are optional, they can be omitted.

The filespec arguments correspond to the filespec arguments of groffer. So they are either the names of existing, readable files or - for standard input, or the name of a man page or a groffer(1) man page search pattern. If no filespec is specified standard input is assumed automatically.


roff2x transforms roff code into

Print the result to standard output.

There are more of these programs for generating other formats of roff input.


roff2x was written by Bernd Warken.


groff(1), groffer(1), gxditview(1).

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