a wrapper used to select between Qt development binary ver‐ sions


List available Qt versions from the configuration files

$ qtchooser --list-versions

Print environment information
$ qtchooser --print-env

Run the specified tool using the specified Qt version
$ qtchooser --run-tool=[tool] --qt=[version_name]

Add a Qt version entry to be able to choose from
$ qtchooser --install [version_name] [path/to/qmake]

Display all available options
$ qtchooser --help


qtchooser -list-versions qtchooser -print-env [-qt=version] qtchooser -run-tool=tool [-qt=version] [program_arguments] [-qt=version] [program_arguments]


Qt is a cross-platform C++ application framework. Qt's primary feature is its rich set of widgets that provide standard GUI functionality. The Qt Chooser provides a wrapper to switch between versions of Qt de‐ velopment binaries when multiple versions like 4 and 5 are installed or local Qt builds are to be used. It is commonly used via a symlink from an executable_name like qmake.


The options which apply to the qtchooser command are: -list-versions Lists available Qt versions from the configuration files -print-env Prints environment information -qt=version Selects version as the Qt version to be used -run-tool=tool Runs the selected tool.


QTCHOOSER_NO_GLOBAL_DIR If qtchooser has been built with QTCHOOSER_GLOBAL_DIR (prede‐ fined search paths for qtchooser's configuration files, useful in some distros), setting this variable will override its ef‐ fect. QT_SELECT Same as -qt=version. If set, the selected configuration is used and binaries symlinked to qtchooser will be executed without ad‐ ditional parameters. XDG_CONFIG_HOME XDG_CONFIG_DIRS Used as specified in


/etc/xdg/qtchooser/*.conf System-wide configuration files. Each has two lines, the first is the path to the binaries and the second is the path to the Qt libraries. If a default.conf is provided, the settings from it will be automatically used in case nothing else is selected. $HOME/.config/qtchooser/*.conf User configuration files.


qtchooser was written by Thiago Macieira from Intel. This manual page was written by Timo Jyrinki , for the Debian project (but may be used by others). JANUARY 2, 2013 QTCHOOSER(1)

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