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The pam_mail PAM module provides the "you have new mail" service to the user . It can be plugged into any application that has credential or session hooks . It gives a single message indicating the newness of any mail it finds in the user (Aqs mail folder . This module also sets the PAM environment variable, MAIL ,to the user (Aqs mail directory .

If the mail spool file (be it /var/mail/$USER or a pathname given with the dir= parameter) is a directory then pam_mail assumes it is in the Maildir format .


close Indicate if the user has any mail also on logout .

debug Print debug information .

dir= maildir Look for the user (Aqs mail in an alternative location defined by maildir/<login> . The default location for mail is /var/mail/<login> . Note, if the supplied maildir is prefixed by a (Aq~ (Aq, the directory is interpreted as indicating a file in the user (Aqs home directory .

empty Also print message if user has no mail .

hash= count Mail directory hash depth . For example, a hashcount of 2 would make the mail file be /var/spool/mail/u/s/user .

noenv Do not set the MAIL environment variable .

nopen Don (Aqt print any mail information on login . This flag is useful to get the MAIL environment variable set, but to not display any information about it .

quiet Only report when there is new mail .

standard Old style "You have . . ." format which doesn (Aqt show the mail spool being used . This also implies "empty" .


The session and auth (on establishment and deletion of credentials) module types are provided .


PAM_BUF_ERR Memory buffer error .

PAM_SERVICE_ERR Badly formed arguments .


PAM_USER_UNKNOWN User not known .


Add the following line to /etc/pam .d/login to indicate that the user has new mail when they login to the system .

.RS 4
session optional pam_mail .so standard


pam.conf(5), pam.d(5), pam(8)


pam_mail was written by Andrew G . Morgan <morgan@kernel .org> .

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