GConf to GSettings schema conversion


' gsettings-schema -convert 'u gsettings-schema -convert [option...] {file}


gsettings-schema -convert converts between GConf and GSettings schema file formats . Note that the conversion is not expected to be fully automated . You are expected to verify and edit the result of the conversion .

Note that GSettings schemas need to be converted into binary form with glib -compile -schemas before they can be used by applications .


-h , --help Print help and exit

-o OUTPUT , --output= OUTPUT Store the generated output in the file OUTPUT . If no output file is specified, the generated output is written to stdout .

-f , --force Overwrite the output file if it already exists .

-g , --gconf The input file is a GConf schema .

-s , --simple Produce a GSettings schema in simple format . The simple format is easier to edit and can be converted into the XML format with gsettings-schema -convert later on .

-x , --xml Produce a GSettings schema in XML format . If the output format is not explicitly specified, this is the default .

-i ID , --schema -id= ID Use ID as the schema id in the generated GSettings schema .

-d DOMAIN , --gettext -domain= DOMAIN Use DOMAIN as the gettext domain in the generated GSettings schema .

-u , --keep -underscores Keep underscores in key names instead of replacing them with dashes . GSettings keys should not contain any underscore .


gsettings-data-convert(1) a related command to migrate user settings from GConf to GSettings .

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