GSettings schema compiler


' glib-compile -schemas 'u glib-compile -schemas [OPTION...] {DIRECTORY}


glib-compile -schemas compiles all the GSettings XML schema files in DIRECTORY into a binary file with the name gschemas .compiled that can be used by GSettings . The XML schema files must have the filename extension .gschema .xml . For a detailed description of the XML file format, see the GSettings documentation .

At runtime, GSettings looks for schemas in the glib -2 .0/schemas subdirectories of all directories specified in the XDG_DATA_DIRS environment variable . The usual location to install schema files is /usr/share/glib -2 .0/schemas .

In addition to schema files, glib -compile -schemas reads (Aqvendor override (Aq files, which are key files that can override default values for keys in the schemas . The group names in the key files are the schema id, and the values are written in serialized GVariant form . Vendor override files must have the filename extension .gschema .override .

By convention, vendor override files begin with nn_ where nn is a number from 00 to 99 . Higher numbered files have higher priority (eg: if the same override is made in a file numbered 10 and then again in a file numbered 20, the override from 20 will take precedence) .


-h , --help Print help and exit

--version Print program version and exit

--targetdir= TARGET Store gschemas .compiled in the TARGET directory instead of DIRECTORY .

--strict Abort on any errors in schemas . Without this option, faulty schema files are simply omitted from the resulting compiled schema .

--dry -run Don (Aqt write gschemas .compiled . This option can be used to check .gschema .xml sources for errors .

--allow -any -name Do not enforce restrictions on key names . Note that this option is purely to facility the transition from GConf, and will be removed at some time in the future .

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