query configuration information of DRI drivers


xdriinfo [-display displayname] [-version] [command]


xdriinfo can be used to query configuration information of direct ren‐ dering drivers. If no command argument is specified it lists the names of the direct rendering drivers for all screens. Valid options are: -display Specifies X server to connect to. -version Print the program version and exit. Valid commands are: nscreens Print the number of screens. driver screen Print the name of the direct rendering driver for screen. options screen|driver Print the XML document describing the configuration options of a driver. The driver can be specified directly by driver name or indirectly by screen number. If the driver name is specified di‐ rectly then no X connection is needed.


DISPLAY The default display.


X(7), xdpyinfo(1), xwininfo(1), xvinfo(1), glxinfo(1), xprop(1)


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