a text based Web browser and pager


Open a URL

$ w3m [http://example.com]

Open a URL in monochrome mode

$ w3m [http://example.com] -M

Open a URL without mouse support

$ w3m [http://example.com] --no-mouse

Open a new browser tab

$ Shift + T

Display your browser history

$ Ctrl + H

Quit w3m

$ 'q' then 'y'


w3m [options] [URL or filename]


w3m is a World Wide Web (WWW) text based client. It has English and Japanese help files and an option menu and can be configured to use either language. It will display hypertext markup language (HTML) documents containing links to files residing on the local system, as well as files residing on remote systems. It can display HTML tables and frames. In addition, it can be used as a "pager" in much the same manner as "more" or "less". Current versions of w3m run on Unix (Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, Linux, FreeBSD, and EWS4800) and on Microsoft Windows 9x/NT.


At start up, w3m will load any local file or remote URL specified at the command line. For help with runtime options, press "H" while running w3m. Command line options are:

-t tab

set tab width


ignore backspace effect

-l line

# of preserved line (default 10000)

-I charset

document charset

-O charset

display/output charset


load bookmark

-bookmark file

specify bookmark file

-T type

specify content-type


internet message mode


visual startup mode


monochrome display


open URL of command line on each new tab


automatically render frame


dump formatted page into stdout

-cols width

specify column width (used with -dump)

-ppc count

specify the number of pixels per character (4.0...32.0). Larger values will make tables narrower. [default 8.0]

-ppl count

specify the number of pixels per line (4.0...64.0)


dump page source into stdout


dump response of HEAD request into stdout


dump HEAD and source into stdout


dump HEAD, source, and extra information into stdout

-post file

use POST method with file content

-header string

insert string as a header


goto <num> line


show line number


don’t use proxy


IPv4 only (-o dns_order=4)


IPv6 only (-o dns_order=6)


don’t use mouse


use cookie.


don’t use cookie


use graphic character


don’t use graphic character


squeeze multiple blank lines


toggle wrap search mode


don’t use termcap init/deinit

-title [=TERM]

set buffer name to terminal title string. If TERM is specified, use the TERM style title configuration.

-o opt=value

assign value to config option


show all available config option

-config file

specify config file


show usage


show w3m version


write request logfile




To use w3m as a pager:

$ ls | w3m

To use w3m to translate HTML files:

$ cat foo.html | w3m -T text/html


$ cat foo.html | w3m -dump -T text/html >foo.txt



configuration file


key binding configuration file


mouse configuration file


cookie file


history file


passowrd and username file


form parameters file


external viewer configuration file


MIME types file


This is the w3m 0.5.3 Release.

Please see the MANUAL.html file distributed with w3m for more detailed documentation.

Additional information about w3m may be found on its Japanese language Web site located at:
or on its English version of the site at:


w3m has incorporated code from several sources. Users have contributed patches and suggestions over time.


Akinori ITO <aito@fw.ipsj.or.jp>

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