clone existing virtual machine images


virt-clone - clone existing virtual machine images


virt-clone [ OPTION ]...


virt-clone is a command line tool for cloning existing virtual machine images using the libvirt hypervisor management library. It will copy the disk images of any existing virtual machine, and define a new guest with an identical virtual hardware configuration. Elements which require uniqueness will be updated to avoid a clash between old and new guests.

By default, virt-clone will show an error if the necessary information to clone the guest is not provided. The --auto-clone option will generate all needed input, aside from the source guest to clone. An interactive mode is available with the --prompt option, but this will only ask for the minimum required options.


Most options are not required. Minimum requirements are --original or --original-xml (to specify the guest to clone), --name, and appropriate storage options via -file. Show the help message and exit--connect=CONNECT Connect to a non-default hypervisor. See virt-install(1) for details

General Options

An example or possible generated output:Original name : MyVM Generated

Storage Configuration virt-install(1) for more details on sparse vs. nonsparse.

Networking Configuration

Miscellaneous Options


Clone the guest called demo on the default connection, auto generating a new name and disk clone path.#


Written by Kazuki Mizushima, and a team of many other contributors. See the AUTHORS file in the source distribution for the complete list of credits.


Please see


Copyright © Fujitsu Limited 2007, and various contributors. This is free software. You may redistribute copies of it under the terms of the GNU General Public License There is NO WARRANTY , to the extent permitted by law.

See Also

virsh(1), virt-install(1), virt-manager(1), the project website

Referenced By

guestfs-recipes(1), virt-sysprep(1)

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