manipulate the contents TDB files


' tdbtool 'u tdbtool ' tdbtool 'u tdbtool [ -l] TDBFILE [ COMMANDS ...]


This tool is part of the samba (1) suite .

tdbtool a tool for displaying and altering the contents of Samba TDB (Trivial DataBase) files . Each of the commands listed below can be entered interactively or provided on the command line .


-l This options disables any locking, by passing TDB_NOLOCK to tdb_open_ex() . Only use this for database files which are not used by any other process! And also only if it is otherwise not possible to open the database, e .g . databases which were created with mutex locking .


create TDBFILE Create a new database named TDBFILE .

open TDBFILE Open an existing database named TDBFILE .

erase Erase the current database .

dump Dump the current database as strings .

cdump Dump the current database as connection records .

keys Dump the current database keys as strings .

hexkeys Dump the current database keys as hex values .

info Print summary information about the current database .

insert KEY DATA Insert a record into the current database .

move KEY TDBFILE Move a record from the current database into TDBFILE .

store KEY DATA Store (replace) a record in the current database .

storehex KEY DATA Store (replace) a record in the current database where key and data are in hex format .

show KEY Show a record by key .

delete KEY Delete a record by key .

list Print the current database hash table and free list .

free Print the current database and free list .

! COMMAND Execute the given system command .

first Print the first record in the current database .

next Print the next record in the current database .

check Check the integrity of the current database .

repack Repack a database using a temporary file to remove fragmentation .

quit Exit tdbtool .


The contents of the Samba TDB files are private to the implementation and should not be altered with tdbtool .


This man page is correct for version 3 .6 of the Samba suite .


The original Samba software and related utilities were created by Andrew Tridgell . Samba is now developed by the Samba Team as an Open Source project similar to the way the Linux kernel is developed .

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