Command-line interface for Valve's Steam


Install or update an application anonymously

$ steamcmd +login [anonymous] +app_update [appid] +quit

Install or update an application using the specified credentials
$ steamcmd +login [username] +app_update [appid] +quit

Install an application for a specific platform
$ steamcmd +@sSteamCmdForcePlatformType [windows] +login [anonymous] +app_update [appid] validate +quit


Steam Console Client (c) Valve Corporation - version 1660762488 -- type 'quit' to exit -- Usage: steamcmd ["+COMMAND [ARG]..."]... or: steamcmd +runscript SCRIPTFILE Help topics - type "help " or run with "--help " for more information: login : Logging in to Steam scripts : Executing a sequence of commands via a script file commandline : Executing commands directly via the OS command line convars : Options and settings that affect this program session app_build : Building Steam application content (only for licensed Steam application developers) app_update : Installing/updating a Steam application on the local filesystem (EG dedicated servers) You can also type "find " to see a list of all commands and convars that contain or reference .

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