wget -like utility for download files over SMB


' 'u smbget [ -a, --guest] [ -r, --resume] [ -R, --recursive] [ -U, --user=STRING] [ -w, --workgroup=STRING] [ -n, --nonprompt] [ -d, --debuglevel=INT] [ -D, --dots] [ -o, --outputfile] [ -f, --rcfile] [ -q, --quiet] [ -v, --verbose] [ -b, --blocksize] [ -O, --stdout] [ -u, --update] [ -?, --help] [ --usage] {smb://host/share/path/to/file} [smb://url2/] [ . . .]


This tool is part of the samba (7) suite .

smbget is a simple utility with wget -like semantics, that can download files from SMB servers . You can specify the files you would like to download on the command -line .

The files should be in the smb -URL standard, e .g . use smb://host/share/file for the UNC path \ \ \ \ HOST \ \ SHARE \ \ file .


-a, --guest Work as user guest

-r, --resume Automatically resume aborted files

-R, --recursive Recursively download files

-U, --user= username[%password] Username (and password) to use

-w, --workgroup=STRING Workgroup to use (optional)

-n, --nonprompt Don (Aqt ask anything (non -interactive)

-d, --debuglevel=INT Debuglevel to use

-D, --dots Show dots as progress indication

-o, --outputfile Write the file that is being downloaded to the specified file . Can not be used together with -R .

-O, --stdout Write the file that is being downloaded to standard output .

-f, --rcfile Use specified rcfile . This will be loaded in the order it was specified -e .g . if you specify any options before this one, they might get overridden by the contents of the rcfile .

-q, --quiet Be quiet

-v, --verbose Be verbose

-b, --blocksize Number of bytes to download in a block . Defaults to 64000 .

-?, --help Show help message

--usage Display brief usage message

-u, --update Download only when remote file is newer than local file or local file is missing .

-e| --encrypt This command line parameter requires the remote server support the UNIX extensions or that the SMB3 protocol has been selected . Requests that the connection be encrypted . Negotiates SMB encryption using either SMB3 or POSIX extensions via GSSAPI . Uses the given credentials for the encryption negotiation (either kerberos or NTLMv1/v2 if given domain/username/password triple . Fails the connection if encryption cannot be negotiated .


SMB URL (Aqs should be specified in the following format:

.RS 4
smb://[[[domain;]user[:password@]]server[/share[/path[/file]]]] .RE

.RS 4
smb:// means all the workgroups .RE

.RS 4
smb://name/ means, if name is a workgroup, all the servers in this workgroup, or if name is a server, all the shares on this server . .RE


.RS 4
# Recursively download (Aqsrc (Aq directory smbget -R smb://rhonwyn/jelmer/src # Download FreeBSD ISO and enable resuming smbget -r smb://rhonwyn/isos/FreeBSD5 .1 .iso # Recursively download all ISOs smbget -Rr smb://rhonwyn/isos # Backup my data on rhonwyn smbget -Rr smb://rhonwyn/ .RE


Permission denied is returned in some cases where the cause of the error is unknown (such as an illegally formatted smb:// url or trying to get a directory without -R turned on) .


This man page is part of version 4 .10 .6 of the Samba suite .


The original Samba software and related utilities were created by Andrew Tridgell . Samba is now developed by the Samba Team as an Open Source project similar to the way the Linux kernel is developed .

The smbget manpage was written by Jelmer Vernooij .

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