Simple program to remove a module from the Linux Kernel


' rmmod 'u rmmod [ -f ][ -s ][ -v ][ modulename ]


rmmod is a trivial program to remove a module (when module unloading support is provided) from the kernel . Most users will want to use modprobe (8) with the -r option instead .


-v , --verbose Print messages about what the program is doing . Usually rmmod prints messages only if something goes wrong .

-f , --force This option can be extremely dangerous: it has no effect unless CONFIG_MODULE_FORCE_UNLOAD was set when the kernel was compiled . With this option, you can remove modules which are being used, or which are not designed to be removed, or have been marked as unsafe (see lsmod (8)).

-s , --syslog Send errors to syslog instead of standard error .

-V --version Show version of program and exit .


This manual page originally Copyright 2002, Rusty Russell, IBM Corporation . Maintained by Jon Masters and others .


JonMasters < jcm@jonmasters .org > Developer

LucasDe Marchi < lucas .de .marchi@gmail .com > Developer


modprobe(8), insmod(8), lsmod(8), modinfo(8) depmod(8)

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