package database maintenance utility


repo-add [options] <path -to -db> <package|delta> [<package|delta> ...]
repo-remove [options] <path -to -db> <packagename|delta> [<packagename|delta> ...]


repo-add and repo-remove are two scripts to help build a package database for packages built with makepkg (8)and installed with pacman (8). They also handle package deltas produced by pkgdelta (8).
repo-add will update a package database by reading a built package or package delta file . Multiple packages and/or deltas to add can be specified on the command line .
If a matching .sig file is found alongside a package file, the signature will automatically be embedded into the database .
repo-remove will update a package database by removing the package name or delta specified on the command line . Multiple packages and/or delta to remove can be specified on the command line .
A package database is a tar file, optionally compressed . Valid extensions are .db followed by an archive extension of .tar .tar .gz .tar .bz2 .tar .xz or .tar .Z . The file does not need to exist, but all parent directories must exist .


-q, --quiet Force this program to keep quiet and run silently except for warning and error messages .

-s, --sign Generate a PGP signature file using GnuPG . This will execute gpg --detach -sign --use -agent on the generated database to generate a detached signature file, using the GPG agent if it is available . The signature file will be the entire filename of the database with a .sig extension .

-k, --key <key> Specify a key to use when signing packages . Can also be specified using the GPGKEY environmental variable . If not specified in either location, the default key from the keyring will be used .

-v, --verify Verify the PGP signature of the database before updating the database . If the signature is invalid, an error is produced and the update does not proceed .

--nocolor Remove color from repo-add and repo-remove output .


-d, --delta Automatically generate and add a delta file between the old entry and the new one, if the old package file is found next to the new one .

-n, --new Only add packages that are not already in the database . Warnings will be printed upon detection of existing packages, but they will not be re -added .

-R, --remove Remove old package files from the disk when updating their entry in the database .


repo-add foo .db .tar .xz <pkg1> [<pkg2> ...]
This creates two separate databases; a smaller database .db .tar .xz used by pacman and a large database containing package file lists .files .tar .xz for use by other utilities . While pacman can use the large database (if renamed with a db .tar* extension), there is currently no additional benefit for the larger download .


Bugs? You must be kidding; there are no bugs in this software . But if we happen to be wrong, send us an email with as much detail as possible to pacman -dev@archlinux .org .


Current maintainers:
'-04' '+03' .sp -1

2.3 Allan McRae <allan@archlinux .org>
'-04' '+03' .sp -1

2.3 Andrew Gregory <andrew .gregory .8@gmail .com>
'-04' '+03' .sp -1

2.3 Dan McGee <dan@archlinux .org>
'-04' '+03' .sp -1

2.3 Dave Reisner <dreisner@archlinux .org>
Past major contributors:
'-04' '+03' .sp -1

2.3 Judd Vinet <jvinet@zeroflux .org>
'-04' '+03' .sp -1

2.3 Aurelien Foret <aurelien@archlinux .org>
'-04' '+03' .sp -1

2.3 Aaron Griffin <aaron@archlinux .org>
'-04' '+03' .sp -1

2.3 Xavier Chantry <shiningxc@gmail .com>
'-04' '+03' .sp -1

2.3 Nagy Gabor <ngaba@bibl .u -szeged .hu>
For additional contributors, use git shortlog -s on the pacman .git repository .


makepkg(8), pacman(8), pkgdelta(8) See the pacman website at https://www .archlinux .org/pacman/ for current information on pacman and its related tools .

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