RFCOMM testing


rctest [options] [bdaddr]


rctest is used to test RFCOMM communications on the BlueZ stack


-r listen and receive -w listen and send -d listen and dump incoming data -s connect and send -u connect and receive -n connect and be silent -c connect, disconnect, connect, ... -m multiple connects


-b bytes send/receive bytes bytes -i device select the specified device -P channel select the specified channel -U uuid select the specified uuid -L seconds enable SO_LINGER options for seconds -W seconds enable deferred setup for seconds -B filename use data packets from filename -N num send num frames -C num send num frames before delay (default: 1) -D milliseconds delay milliseconds after sending num frames (default: 0) -A request authentication -E request encryption -S secure connection -M become master -T enable timestamps


Written by Marcel Holtmann and Maxim Krasnyansky , man page by Filippo Giunchedi

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