add and remove services to and from a runlevel


List all services and the runlevels they are added to

$ rc-update show

Add a service to a runlevel

$ sudo rc-update add [service_name] [runlevel]

Delete a service from a runlevel

$ sudo rc-update delete [service_name] [runlevel]

Delete a service from all runlevels

$ sudo rc-update --all delete [service_name]


[-s , -stack ] add service [runlevel ... ] [-s , -stack ] delete service [runlevel ... ] [-u , -update ] [-v , -verbose ] show [runlevel ... ]


OpenRC uses named runlevels. Rather than editing some obscure file or managing a directory of symlinks, exists to quickly add or delete services to and from from different runlevels. All services must reside in the /etc/init.d or /usr/local/etc/init.d directories. They must also conform to the OpenRC runscript standard.

add service
Add the service to the runlevel or the current one if none given. Services added to the boot runlevel must exist in /etc/init.d
delete service
Delete the service from the runlevel or the current one if none given.
Show all enabled services and the runlevels they belong to. If you specify runlevels to show, then only those will be included in the output.
-v , -verbose
Show all services.
-u , -update
Forces an update of the dependency tree cache. This may be needed in the event of clock skew (a file in /etc is newer than the system clock).

If the -s , -stack option is given then we either add or remove the runlevel from the runlevel. This allows inheritance of runlevels.


An Roy Marples <roy@marples.name>


rc(8), rc-status8

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