print large banner on printer


printerbanner [-d] [-t] [-w width] message ...


Banner prints a large, high quality banner on the standard output. If the message is omitted, it prompts for and reads one line of its standard input. The output should be printed on paper of the appropriate width, with no breaks between the pages. The following options are available: -d Enable debug. -t Enable trace. -w width Change the output from a width of 132 to width, suitable for a narrow terminal.


Mark Horto


Several ASCII characters are not defined, notably <, >, [, ], \, ^, _, {, }, |, and ~. The same holds for all non ASCII characters. Also, the characters ", ', and & are funny looking (but in a useful way.) The -w option is implemented by skipping some rows and columns. The smaller it gets, the grainier the output. Sometimes it runs letters to‐ gether. Messages are limited to 1024 characters in length. This program is called just banner on FreeBSD.

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