bin -prefix zip delta word list compressor/decompressor


precat [-dzhLV] [-cfksSq] [file ...]


prezip is a a prefix delta compressor. It is not a general purpose compressor and should only be used on sorted word lists or other similar text files. It will likely increase the size of binary data.

If invoked as prezip, the default action is to compress. If invoked as preunzip, the default action is to decompress. If invoked as precat, the default action is to decompress to stdout.

If no file names are given then prezip will compress or decompress from the standard input to the standard output. Short flags can be combined so that "-c -s" is the same as "-cs".


-h --help

display help

-d --decompress

force decompression

-z --compress

dorce compression

-L --license

display software license

-V --version

display version

-c --stdout

decompress to standard output

-f --force


-k --keep

keep input files

-s --sort

sort and remove duplicates before compressing

-S --nocwl

do not rename .wl suffix to .cwl (use .wl.pz instead)

-q --quiet

suppress all warnings


This manual page was written by Brian Nelson <> based on the output of help2man. Aspell is Copyright © 2002 Kevin Atkinson.

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