flexible pacman cache cleaning utility


Remove all but the 3 most recent package versions from the pacman cache

$ paccache -r

Set the number of package versions to keep

$ paccache -rk [num_versions]

Perform a dry-run and show the number of candidate packages for deletion

$ paccache -d

Move candidate packages to a directory instead of deleting them

$ paccache -m [path/to/directory]


paccache <operation> [options] [targets...]


Paccache removes old packages from the pacman cache directory. By default the last three versions of a package are kept.


-d, --dryrun

Perform a dry run, only finding candidate packages.

-m, --move <dir>

Move candidate packages from the cache directory to dir.

-r, --remove

Remove candidate packages from the cache directory.


-a, --arch <arch>

Scan for packages for a specific architecture. Default is to scan for all architectures.

--min-atime <age>, --min-mtime <age>

Only consider packages for removal with atime respectively mtime older than specified. The age can be given as 10d, 1m, 1y, 1y1m etc.

-c, --cachedir <dir>

Specify a different cache directory. This option can be used more than once. Default is to use the cache directory configured in pacman.conf.

-f, --force

Apply force to mv and rm operations.

-h, --help

Display syntax and command line options.

-i, --ignore <pkgs>

Specify packages to ignore, comma-separated. Alternatively "-" can be used to read the package names from stdin, newline-delimited.

-k, --keep <num>

Specify how many versions of each package are kept in the cache directory, default is 3.


Remove color from the output.

-q, --quiet

Minimize the output.

-u, --uninstalled

Target uninstalled packages.

-v, --verbose

Increase verbosity, can be specified up to 3 times.

-z, --null

Use null delimiters for candidate names (only with -v and -vv).


The package cache can be cleaned periodically using the systemd timer paccache.timer. If the timer is enabled the cache will be cleaned weekly with paccache’s default options.


Bugs? You must be kidding; there are no bugs in this software. But if we happen to be wrong, send us an email with as much detail as possible to


Current maintainers:


Johannes Löthberg <>


Daniel M. Capella <>

For additional contributors, use git shortlog -s on the pacman-contrib.git repository.


pacman(8), pacman.conf(5), systemctl(1)

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