gui only application to write .img and .iso files to USB keys


mintstick {[--debug] | [--help] | -m [format|iso]}


mintstick is a graphical application to write .img and .iso files to USB keys. It can also format USB keys from a contextual menu in Cinammon, MATE, and KDE desktops.


--debug show status and debug messages.

--help print a message with basic usage information.

-m iso [-i|--iso {iso_path}] Write an .img or .iso file to a USB key.

-m format [-u|--usb {usb_device}] [-f {filesystem}] Format a USB key. Optionally, the file system can be specified here rather than through the gui.


minstick is licensed under the GPLv2. See the COPYING file for details of GPL licensing.

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