MIFARE Classic offline cracker


mfoc [ -h ] [ -k KEY ]... [ -O FILE ] [ -P NUM ] [ -T NUM ]


This manual page documents briefly the mfoc command. mfoc is a program that cracks the encryption of a MIFARE Classic chip and dumps the chip's keys and decrypted memory contents to a file. To run it you need to have access to an NFC reader and, of course, a card equipped with a MIFARE Classic chip.


A summary of options is included below. -h Show summary of options. -k KEY Initially try KEY in addition to the default keys. -O FILE Dump card contents to FILE. -P NUM Probe each sector up to NUM times. Default is 20. -T NUM Set half the range for a possible distance tolerance to NUM. Default is 20 (for a total range of 40).


mfoc was written by Norbert Szetei and Pavol Luptak with contributions by others. This manual page was written by Thomas Hood . MI‐ FARE is a trade mark of NXP bv, Netherlands. May 13, 2011 MFOC(1)

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