author, play, and encode multitrack audio/video compositions


melt [options] [producer [name=value]* ]+


-attach filter[:arg] [name=value]*

Attach a filter to the output

-attach-cut filter[:arg] [name=value]*

Attach a filter to a cut

-attach-track filter[:arg] a2p.1.gz aconnect.1.gz acpi_available.1.gz adb.1.gz addftinfo.1.gz addr2line.1.gz afmtodit.1.gz alsactl.1.gz alsaloop.1.gz alsamixer.1.gz amidi.1.gz amixer.1.gz animate.1.gz animate.im6.1.gz apg.1.gz apgbfm.1.gz aplay.1.gz aplaymidi.1.gz apm_available.1.gz appletviewer.1.gz appres.1.gz apropos.1.gz aptd.1.gz aptdcon.1.gz apt-extracttemplates.1.gz apt-ftparchive.1.gz aptitude-create-state-bundle.1.gz aptitude-run-state-bundle.1.gz apt-sortpkgs.1.gz ar.1.gz arch.1.gz archdetect.1.gz arecord.1.gz arecordmidi.1.gz arm2hpdl.1.gz as.1.gz aseqdump.1.gz aseqnet.1.gz asn1parse.1ssl.gz aspell.1.gz aspell-import.1.gz atobm.1.gz avahi-browse.1.gz avahi-browse-domains.1.gz avahi-publish.1.gz avahi-publish-address.1.gz avahi-publish-service.1.gz avahi-resolve.1.gz avahi-resolve-address.1.gz avahi-resolve-host-name.1.gz avahi-set-host-name.1.gz avconv.1.gz avidemux.1.gz avidemux2_gtk.1.gz avplay.1.gz avprobe.1.gz avserver.1.gz awk.1.gz axi-cache.1.gz ec.1ssl.gz echo.1.gz ecparam.1ssl.gz ecryptfs-add-passphrase.1.gz ecryptfs-find.1.gz ecryptfs-generate-tpm-key.1.gz ecryptfs-insert-wrapped-passphrase-into-keyring.1.gz ecryptfs-mount-private.1.gz ecryptfs-recover-private.1.gz ecryptfs-rewrap-passphrase.1.gz ecryptfs-rewrite-file.1.gz ecryptfs-setup-private.1.gz ecryptfs-setup-swap.1.gz ecryptfs-stat.1.gz ecryptfs-umount-private.1.gz ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase.1.gz ecryptfs-verify.1.gz ecryptfs-wrap-passphrase.1.gz ed.1.gz edit.1.gz editdiff.1.gz editor.1.gz editres.1.gz egrep.1.gz eject.1.gz elfedit.1.gz enc.1ssl.gz enc2xs.1.gz enchant.1.gz enchant-lsmod.1.gz env.1.gz envsubst.1.gz eog.1.gz eps2eps.1.gz eqn.1.gz eqn2graph.1.gz errstr.1ssl.gz esc-m.1.gz eutp.1.gz evince.1.gz evince-thumbnailer.1.gz ex.1.gz expand.1.gz expiry.1.gz expr.1.gz extcheck.1.gz l2test.1.gz last.1.gz lastb.1.gz lavadecode.1.gz lcf.1.gz ld.1.gz ld.bfd.1.gz ldd.1.gz less.1.gz lessecho.1.gz lessfile.1.gz lesskey.1.gz lesspipe.1.gz lexgrog.1.gz libnetcfg.1.gz libreoffice.1.gz line.1.gz link.1.gz lintian.1.gz lintian-info.1.gz linux32.1.gz linux64.1.gz listres.1.gz lkbib.1.gz ln.1.gz loadkeys.1.gz localc.1.gz locale.1.gz localectl.1.gz localedef.1.gz locate.1.gz lockfile-check.1.gz lockfile-create.1.gz lockfile-progs.1.gz lockfile-remove.1.gz lockfile-touch.1.gz lodraw.1.gz loffice.1.gz lofromtemplate.1.gz log2pcap.1.gz logger.1.gz login.1.gz loginctl.1.gz logname.1.gz loimpress.1.gz lomath.1.gz look.1.gz lookbib.1.gz lorder.1.gz loweb.1.gz lowriter.1.gz lp.1.gz lpoptions.1.gz lppasswd.1.gz lpq.1.gz lpr.1.gz lprm.1.gz lpstat.1.gz ls.1.gz lsattr.1.gz lsb_release.1.gz lscpu.1.gz lsdiff.1.gz lshw.1.gz lspgpot.1.gz lss16toppm.1.gz ltrace.1.gz luit.1.gz lz.1.gz lzcat.1.gz lzcmp.1.gz lzdiff.1.gz lzegrep.1.gz lzfgrep.1.gz lzgrep.1.gz lzless.1.gz lzma.1.gz lzmainfo.1.gz lzmore.1.gz mail-lock.1.gz mail-touchlock.1.gz mail-unlock.1.gz make.1.gz mako-render.1.gz man.1.gz manconv.1.gz manhole.1.gz manpath.1.gz mattrib.1.gz mawk.1.gz mbadblocks.1.gz mcat.1.gz mcd.1.gz mcheck.1.gz mcomp.1.gz mcookie.1.gz mcopy.1.gz md2.1ssl.gz md4.1ssl.gz md5.1ssl.gz md5pass.1.gz md5sum.1.gz md5sum.textutils.1.gz mdc2.1ssl.gz mdel.1.gz mdeltree.1.gz mdir.1.gz mdm.1.gz mdmflexiserver.1.gz mdu.1.gz melt.1.gz memdiskfind.1.gz mencoder.1.gz mesg.1.gz metacity.1.gz metacity-message.1.gz metacity-theme-viewer.1.gz metacity-window-demo.1.gz mformat.1.gz mimeopen.1p.gz mimetype.1p.gz min12xxw.1.gz minfo.1.gz mintstick.1.gz mkdir.1.gz mkdiskimage.1.gz mkfifo.1.gz mkfontdir.1.gz mkfontscale.1.gz mkmanifest.1.gz mknod.1.gz mktemp.1.gz mkzftree.1.gz mlabel.1.gz mlocate.1.gz mmd.1.gz mmount.1.gz mmove.1.gz mmroff.1.gz mogrify.1.gz mogrify.im6.1.gz mono.1.gz montage.1.gz montage.im6.1.gz more.1.gz mount.ecryptfs_private.1.gz mountpoint.1.gz mousetweaks.1.gz mpartition.1.gz mplayer.1.gz mpstat.1.gz mrd.1.gz mren.1.gz mscompress.1.gz msexpand.1.gz msgattrib.1.gz msgcat.1.gz msgcmp.1.gz msgcomm.1.gz msgconv.1.gz msgen.1.gz msgexec.1.gz msgfilter.1.gz msgfmt.1.gz msggrep.1.gz msginit.1.gz msgmerge.1.gz msgunfmt.1.gz msguniq.1.gz mshowfat.1.gz mt.1.gz mt-gnu.1.gz mtools.1.gz mtoolstest.1.gz mtype.1.gz muffin.1.gz muffin-message.1.gz muffin-theme-viewer.1.gz muffin-window-demo.1.gz muinshee.1.gz mv.1.gz mxtar.1.gz mzip.1.gz namei.1.gz nano.1.gz native2ascii.1.gz nawk.1.gz nc.1.gz ncal.1.gz nc_openbsd.1.gz nc.openbsd.1.gz ncurses5-config.1.gz ncursesw5-config.1.gz nemo.1.gz nemo-connect-server.1.gz neqn.1.gz netcat.1.gz netkit-ftp.1.gz netscsid.1.gz newgrp.1.gz nfsiostat.1.gz ngettext.1.gz nice.1.gz nisdomainname.1.gz nl.1.gz nlmconv.1.gz nm.1.gz nm-applet.1.gz nmblookup.1.gz nmcli.1.gz nm-connection-editor.1.gz nm-online.1.gz nm-tool.1.gz nohup.1.gz notify-send.1.gz nproc.1.gz nroff.1.gz nseq.1ssl.gz nslookup.1.gz nsupdate.1.gz numfmt.1.gz nvlc.1.gz ucf.1.gz ucfq.1.gz ucfr.1.gz ucs2any.1.gz udisks.1.gz udisksctl.1.gz udisks-tcp-bridge.1.gz ul.1.gz ulockmgr_server.1.gz umount.ecryptfs_private.1.gz uname.1.gz uncompress.1.gz unexpand.1.gz unicode_start.1.gz unicode_stop.1.gz uniq.1.gz unlink.1.gz unlzma.1.gz unopkg.1.gz unpack200.1.gz unrar.1.gz unrar-nonfree.1.gz unshare.1.gz unshield.1.gz unstr.1.gz unwrapdiff.1.gz unxz.1.gz unzip.1.gz unzipsfx.1.gz update-desktop-database.1.gz update-mime-database.1.gz upower.1.gz uptime.1.gz usb-devices.1.gz usb_modeswitch.1.gz usb_modeswitch_dispatcher.1.gz usbmuxd.1.gz usb_printerid.1.gz users.1.gz uuidgen.1.gz uvccapture.1.gz uz.1.gz vbetool.1.gz vdir.1.gz verify.1ssl.gz version.1ssl.gz vi.1.gz view.1.gz viewres.1.gz vim.1.gz vimdiff.1.gz vlc.1.gz vlc-wrapper.1.gz vmmouse_detect.1.gz volname.1.gz vstp.1.gz Attach a filter to a track

-attach-clip filter[:arg] [name=value]*

Attach a filter to a producer

-audio-track | -hide-video

Add an audio-only track

-blank frames

Add blank silence to a track

-consumer id[:arg] [name=value]*

Set the consumer (sink)


Set the logging level to debug

-filter filter[:arg] [name=value]*

Add a filter to the current track

-group [name=value]*

Apply properties repeatedly


Show this message


Enable JACK transport synchronization

-join clips

Join multiple clips into one cut

-mix length

Add a mix between the last two cuts

-mixer transition

Add a transition to the mix

-null-track | -hide-track

Add a hidden track

-profile name

Set the processing settings


Display progress along with position


Remove the most recent cut

-repeat times

Repeat the last cut


List all of the registered services

-query "consumers" | "consumer"=id

List consumers or show info about one

-query "filters" | "filter"=id

List filters or show info about one

-query "producers" | "producer"=id

List producers or show info about one

-query "transitions" | "transition"=id

List transitions, show info about one

-query "profiles" | "profile"=id

List profiles, show info about one

-query "presets" | "preset"=id

List presets, show info about one

-query "formats"

List audio/video formats

-query "audio_codecs"

List audio codecs

-query "video_codecs"

List video codecs

-serialise [filename]

Write the commands to a text file


Do not display position/transport

-split relative-frame

Split the last cut into two cuts


Rearrange the last two cuts


Add a track

-transition id[:arg] [name=value]*

Add a transition


Set the logging level to verbose


Show the version and copyright

-video-track | -hide-audio

Add a video-only track

For more help: <>


Copyright © 2002-2012 Ushodaya Enterprises Limited <>
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

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