Manage iDevice apps


ideviceinstaller [OPTIONS]


Allows to install, upgrade, uninstall, archive, restore and enumerate installed or archived apps on iDevices.


General options:
-d, --debug

enable communication debugging.

-U, --uuid UUID

target specific device by its 40-digit device UUID.

-h, --help

prints usage information

-l, --list-apps

list apps installed on the device.

Additional options:
-o list_user

list user apps only (apps installed by the user) This is the default.

-o list_system

list system apps only (apps available from the system firmware)

-o list_all

list all types of apps

-o xml

print output in xml format (PList)

-i, --install ARCHIVE

install app from a package file specified by ARCHIVE.

-u, --uninstall APPID

uninstall app specified by APPID.

-g, --upgrade APPID

upgrade app specified by APPID.

-r, --restore APPID

restore archived app specified by APPID.

-L, --list-archives

list archived applications on the device.

Additional options:

-o xml

print output in xml format (PList)

-a, --archive APPID

archive app specified by APPID.

Additional options:
-o uninstall

uninstall the package after making an archive

-o app_only

archive application data only

-o copy=PATH

copy the app archive to directory PATH when done

-o remove

only valid when copy=PATH is used: remove after copy

-R, --remove-archive APPID

remove app archive specified by APPID.


This manual page was written by Martin Szulecki.

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