Main daemon for gvfs


' gvfsd 'u gvfsd [OPTION...]


gvfsd is the main daemon for the gvfs virtual filesystem . It provides the org.gtk .vfs .Daemon name on the session bus . gvfsd is autostarted by GIO clients if it is not running .

The primary task of gvfsd is to act as a mount tracker/manager . It spawns new backends when requested and keeps track of their lifecycle, maintaining a list of active mounts and creates direct connections to them .

Since gvfs backends are running as children of the gvfsd process, it is possible to start gvfsd in a terminal and set environment variables to get debug output from individual backends .

gvfsd also starts the gvfsd-fuse (1),and provides it the mount point where the fuse file system should be mounted .


-h , --help Prints a short help text and exits .

--version Shows the version number and exits .

-r , --replace Replace the currently running gvfsd instance .

--no -fuse Don (Aqt start the fuse filesystem .

-d , --debug Enable debug output .


GVFS_DISABLE_FUSE If this environment variable is set, gvfsd will not start the fuse filesystem .


On success 0 is returned, a non -zero failure code otherwise .


gvfs(7), gvfsd-fuse(1)

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