Icon theme caching utility


' gtk-update -icon -cache 'u gtk-update -icon -cache [ --force] [ --ignore -theme -index] [ --index -only | --include -image -data] [ --source NAME ][ --quiet] [ --validate] PATH


gtk-update -icon -cache creates mmapable cache files for icon themes .

It expects to be given the PATH to a icon theme directory containing an index .theme, e .g . /usr/share/icons/hicolor, and writes a icon -theme .cache containing cached information about the icons in the directory tree below the given directory .

GTK+ can use the cache files created by gtk-update -icon -cache to avoid a lot of system call and disk seek overhead when the application starts . Since the format of the cache files allows them to be mmaped shared between multiple applications, the overall memory consumption is reduced as well .


--force, -f Overwrite an existing cache file even if it appears to be uptodate .

--ignore -theme -index, -t Don (Aqt check for the existence of index .theme in the icon theme directory . Without this option, gtk-update -icon -cache refuses to create an icon cache in a directory which does not appear to be the toplevel directory of an icon theme .

--index -only, -i Don (Aqt include image data in the cache .

--include -image -data Include image data in the cache .

--source, -c Output a C header file declaring a constant NAME with the contents of the icon cache .

--quiet, -q Turn off verbose output .

--validate, -v Validate existing icon cache .

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