Restricted login shell for Git -only SSH access


chsh -s $(command -v git -shell) <user> gitclone <user> @localhost:/path/to/repo.git ssh <user> @localhost


This is a login shell for SSH accounts to provide restricted Git access . It permits execution only of server -side Git commands implementing the pull/push functionality, plus custom commands present in a subdirectory named git-shell -commands in the user home directory .


gitshell accepts the following commands after the -c option:

gitreceive -pack <argument> , gitupload -pack <argument> , gitupload -archive <argument> Call the corresponding server -side command to support the client gitpush , gitfetch ,or gitarchive --remote request .

cvsserver Imitate a CVS server . See git-cvsserver (1).
If a ~/git-shell -commands directory is present, gitshell will also handle other, custom commands by running " git-shell -commands/<command> <arguments> "from the user home directory .


By default, the commands above can be executed only with the -c option; the shell is not interactive .
If a ~/git-shell -commands directory is present, gitshell can also be run interactively (with no arguments) . If a help command is present in the git-shell -commands directory, it is run to provide the user with an overview of allowed actions . Then a "git> " prompt is presented at which one can enter any of the commands from the git-shell -commands directory, or exit to close the connection .
Generally this mode is used as an administrative interface to allow users to list repositories they have access to, create, delete, or rename repositories, or change repository descriptions and permissions .
If a no-interactive -login command exists, then it is run and the interactive shell is aborted .


To disable interactive logins, displaying a greeting instead:
.RS 4
$ chsh -s /usr/bin/git -shell $ mkdir $HOME/git -shell -commands $ cat >$HOME/git -shell -commands/no -interactive -login << \ EOF #!/bin/sh printf (Aq%s \ n (Aq "Hi $USER! You (Aqve successfully authenticated, but I do not" printf (Aq%s \ n (Aq "provide interactive shell access ." exit 128 EOF $ chmod +x $HOME/git -shell -commands/no -interactive -login .RE

To enable git -cvsserver access (which should generally have the no-interactive -login example above as a prerequisite, as creating the git -shell -commands directory allows interactive logins):
.RS 4
$ cat >$HOME/git -shell -commands/cvs << \ EOF if ! test $# = 1 && test "$1" = "server" then echo >&2 "git -cvsserver only handles \ "server \ exit 1 fi exec git cvsserver server EOF $ chmod +x $HOME/git -shell -commands/cvs .RE


Part of the git (1)suite


ssh(1), git-daemon(1),contrib/git -shell -commands/README

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