Generates a summary of pending changes


Produce a request summarizing the changes between the v1.1 release and a specified branch

$ git request-pull [v1.1] [] [branch_name]

Produce a request summarizing the changes between the v0.1 release on the foo branch and the local bar branch

$ git request-pull [v0.1] [] [foo:bar]


gitrequest -pull [ -p] <start> <url> [<end>]


Generate a request asking your upstream project to pull changes into their tree . The request, printed to the standard output, begins with the branch description, summarizes the changes and indicates from where they can be pulled .
The upstream project is expected to have the commit named by <start> and the output asks it to integrate the changes you made since that commit, up to the commit named by <end> ,by visiting the repository named by <url> .


-p Include patch text in the output .

<start> Commit to start at . This names a commit that is already in the upstream history .

<url> The repository URL to be pulled from .

<end> Commit to end at (defaults to HEAD) . This names the commit at the tip of the history you are asking to be pulled .

When the repository named by <url> has the commit at a tip of a ref that is different from the ref you have locally, you can use the <local>:<remote> syntax, to have its local name, a colon : ,and its remote name .


Imagine that you built your work on your master branch on top of the v1.0 release, and want it to be integrated to the project . First you push that change to your public repository for others to see:
.RS 4
git push https://git .ko .xz/project master .RE
Then, you run this command:
.RS 4
git request -pull v1 .0 https://git .ko .xz/project master .RE
which will produce a request to the upstream, summarizing the changes between the v1.0 release and your master ,to pull it from your public repository .
If you pushed your change to a branch whose name is different from the one you have locally, e .g .
.RS 4
git push https://git .ko .xz/project master:for -linus .RE
then you can ask that to be pulled with
.RS 4
git request -pull v1 .0 https://git .ko .xz/project master:for -linus .RE


Part of the git (1)suite

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