Send a collection of patches from stdin to an IMAP folder


gitimap -send [ -v] [ -q] [ --[no -]curl]


This command uploads a mailbox generated with gitformat -patch into an IMAP drafts folder . This allows patches to be sent as other email is when using mail clients that cannot read mailbox files directly . The command also works with any general mailbox in which emails have the fields "From", "Date", and "Subject" in that order .
Typical usage is something like:
git format -patch --signoff --stdout --attach origin | git imap -send


-v, --verbose Be verbose .

-q, --quiet Be quiet .

--curl Use libcurl to communicate with the IMAP server, unless tunneling into it . Ignored if Git was built without the USE_CURL_FOR_IMAP_SEND option set .

--no -curl Talk to the IMAP server using git own IMAP routines instead of using libcurl . Ignored if Git was built with the NO_OPENSSL option set .


To use the tool, imap .folder and either imap .tunnel or imap .host must be set to appropriate values .


imap .folder The folder to drop the mails into, which is typically the Drafts folder . For example: "INBOX .Drafts", "INBOX/Drafts" or "[Gmail]/Drafts" . Required .

imap .tunnel Command used to setup a tunnel to the IMAP server through which commands will be piped instead of using a direct network connection to the server . Required when imap .host is not set .

imap .host A URL identifying the server . Use an imap:// prefix for non -secure connections and an imaps:// prefix for secure connections . Ignored when imap .tunnel is set, but required otherwise .

imap .user The username to use when logging in to the server .

imap .pass The password to use when logging in to the server .

imap .port An integer port number to connect to on the server . Defaults to 143 for imap:// hosts and 993 for imaps:// hosts . Ignored when imap .tunnel is set .

imap .sslverify A boolean to enable/disable verification of the server certificate used by the SSL/TLS connection . Default is true . Ignored when imap .tunnel is set .

imap .preformattedHTML A boolean to enable/disable the use of html encoding when sending a patch . An html encoded patch will be bracketed with <pre> and have a content type of text/html . Ironically, enabling this option causes Thunderbird to send the patch as a plain/text, format=fixed email . Default is false .

imap .authMethod Specify authenticate method for authentication with IMAP server . If Git was built with the NO_CURL option, or if your curl version is older than 7 .34 .0, or if you running git -imap -send with the --no -curl option, the only supported method is CRAM-MD5 . If this is not set then gitimap -send uses the basic IMAP plaintext LOGIN command .


Using tunnel mode:
.RS 4
[imap] folder = "INBOX .Drafts" tunnel = "ssh -q -C user@example .com /usr/bin/imapd ./Maildir 2> /dev/null" .RE
Using direct mode:
.RS 4
[imap] folder = "INBOX .Drafts" host = imap://imap .example .com user = bob pass = p4ssw0rd .RE
Using direct mode with SSL:
.RS 4
[imap] folder = "INBOX .Drafts" host = imaps://imap .example .com user = bob pass = p4ssw0rd port = 123 sslverify = false .RE


To submit patches using GMail IMAP interface, first, edit your ~/ .gitconfig to specify your account settings:
.RS 4
[imap] folder = "[Gmail]/Drafts" host = imaps://imap .gmail .com user = user@gmail .com port = 993 sslverify = false .RE

You might need to instead use: folder = "[Google Mail]/Drafts" if you get an error that the "Folder doesn exist" .
Once the commits are ready to be sent, run the following command:
.RS 4
$ git format -patch --cover -letter -M --stdout origin/master | git imap -send .RE
Just make sure to disable line wrapping in the email client (GMail web interface will wrap lines no matter what, so you need to use a real IMAP client) .


It is still your responsibility to make sure that the email message sent by your email program meets the standards of your project . Many projects do not like patches to be attached . Some mail agents will transform patches (e .g . wrap lines, send them as format=flowed) in ways that make them fail . You will get angry flames ridiculing you if you don check this .
Thunderbird in particular is known to be problematic . Thunderbird users may wish to visit this web page for more information: http://kb.mozillazine .org/Plain_text_e -mail_ -_Thunderbird#Completely_plain_email


Part of the git (1)suite


git-format-patch(1), git-send-email(1) mbox(5)

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