Display help information about Git


Display help about a specific git subcommand

$ git help [subcommand]

Display help about a specific git subcommand in a web browser

$ git help --web [subcommand]

Display a list of all available git subcommands

$ git help --all

List the available guides

$ git help --guide

List all possible configuration variables

$ git help --config


githelp [ -a| --all [ --[no -]verbose]] [ -g| --guide] [ -i| --info| -m| --man| -w| --web] [COMMAND|GUIDE]


With no options and no COMMAND or GUIDE given, the synopsis of the git command and a list of the most commonly used Git commands are printed on the standard output .
If the option --all or -a is given, all available commands are printed on the standard output .
If the option --guide or -g is given, a list of the useful Git guides is also printed on the standard output .
If a command, or a guide, is given, a manual page for that command or guide is brought up . The man program is used by default for this purpose, but this can be overridden by other options or configuration variables .
If an alias is given, git shows the definition of the alias on standard output . To get the manual page for the aliased command, use gitCOMMAND --help .
Note that git--help . . . is identical to githelp . . . because the former is internally converted into the latter .
To display the git (1)man page, use githelp git .
This page can be displayed with githelp help or githelp --help


-a, --all Prints all the available commands on the standard output . This option overrides any given command or guide name .

--verbose When used with --all print description for all recognized commands . This is the default .

-c, --config List all available configuration variables . This is a short summary of the list in git-config (1).

-g, --guides Prints a list of useful guides on the standard output . This option overrides any given command or guide name .

-i, --info Display manual page for the command in the info format . The info program will be used for that purpose .

-m, --man Display manual page for the command in the man format . This option may be used to override a value set in the help.format configuration variable .

By default the man program will be used to display the manual page, but the man.viewer configuration variable may be used to choose other display programs (see below) .

-w, --web Display manual page for the command in the web (HTML) format . A web browser will be used for that purpose .
The web browser can be specified using the configuration variable help.browser ,or web.browser if the former is not set . If none of these config variables is set, the gitweb --browse helper script (called by githelp )will pick a suitable default . See git-web--browse (1) for more information about this .


"help .format"

If no command -line option is passed, the help.format configuration variable will be checked . The following values are supported for this variable; they make githelp behave as their corresponding command -line option:
'-04' '+03' .sp -1

2.3 "man" corresponds to -m| --man ,
'-04' '+03' .sp -1

2.3 "info" corresponds to -i| --info ,
'-04' '+03' .sp -1

2.3 "web" or "html" correspond to -w| --web .

"help .browser, web .browser and browser .<tool> .path"

The help.browser , web.browser and browser.<tool> .path will also be checked if the web format is chosen (either by command -line option or configuration variable) . See -w| --web in the OPTIONS section above and git-web--browse (1).

"man .viewer"

The man.viewer configuration variable will be checked if the man format is chosen . The following values are currently supported:
'-04' '+03' .sp -1

2.3 "man": use the man program as usual,
'-04' '+03' .sp -1

2.3 "woman": use emacsclient to launch the "woman" mode in emacs (this only works starting with emacsclient versions 22),
'-04' '+03' .sp -1

2.3 "konqueror": use kfmclient to open the man page in a new konqueror tab (see Noteabout konqueror below) .
Values for other tools can be used if there is a corresponding man.<tool> .cmd configuration entry (see below) .
Multiple values may be given to the man.viewer configuration variable . Their corresponding programs will be tried in the order listed in the configuration file .
For example, this configuration:
.RS 4
[man] viewer = konqueror viewer = woman .RE

will try to use konqueror first . But this may fail (for example, if DISPLAY is not set) and in that case emacs (Aq woman mode will be tried .
If everything fails, or if no viewer is configured, the viewer specified in the GIT_MAN_VIEWER environment variable will be tried . If that fails too, the man program will be tried anyway .

"man .<tool> .path"

You can explicitly provide a full path to your preferred man viewer by setting the configuration variable man.<tool> .path . For example, you can configure the absolute path to konqueror by setting man.konqueror .path . Otherwise, githelp assumes the tool is available in PATH .

"man .<tool> .cmd"

When the man viewer, specified by the man.viewer configuration variables, is not among the supported ones, then the corresponding man.<tool> .cmd configuration variable will be looked up . If this variable exists then the specified tool will be treated as a custom command and a shell eval will be used to run the command with the man page passed as arguments .

Note about konqueror

When konqueror is specified in the man.viewer configuration variable, we launch kfmclient to try to open the man page on an already opened konqueror in a new tab if possible .
For consistency, we also try such a trick if man.konqueror .path is set to something like A_PATH_TO/konqueror . That means we will try to launch A_PATH_TO/kfmclient instead .
If you really want to use konqueror ,then you can use something like the following:
.RS 4
[man] viewer = konq
[man "konq"] cmd = A_PATH_TO/konqueror .RE

"Note about git config --global"

Note that all these configuration variables should probably be set using the --global flag, for example like this:
.RS 4
$ git config --global help .format web $ git config --global web .browser firefox .RE

as they are probably more user specific than repository specific . See git-config (1)for more information about this .


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