A utility used to load a DSO into dmeventd and (un)reg‐ ister devices with it for monitoring


dmevent_tool -[Vhmru] {RAID device name} {DSO Name}


dmevent_tool is a userspace utility used to register/unregister DSOs with the daemon dmeventd.

If used with the -m command line parameter users can display all of the actively dmeventd monitored devices.


-V Show version of dmevent_tool

-{h/?} Show this help information

-m[r|u] List all currently active device mapper devices and their current status with dmeventd for registered (-r)/unregistered (-m) devices Syntax: dmevent_tool -m[u|r]

-a[r|u] Same as -m, but for devices with UUID only! Syntax: dmevent_tool -a[u|r]

-r Register a device with dmeventd Syntax: dmevent_tool -r <device name> <path to DSO library> Example: dmevent_tool -r isw_abcdeh_Volume0

-u Unregister a device with dmeventd Syntax: dmevent_tool -u <device name> [<path to DSO library>] Example: dmevent_tool -u isw_abcdefgh_Volume0


dmevent_tool -m is used to display all of the actively monitored devices
dmevent_tool -m Device Name: isw_defeaigdde_Volume0_dmraid00 Registered DSO: UUID: isw_defeaigdde_Volume0_dmraid00 status: Active major device #: 253 minor device #: 0 read only device: No number of recorded kernel events: 0 SATA drives in this volume group: /dev/sdb /dev/sdc

dmevent_tool -r is used to register a volume group device with dmeventd
dmevent_tool -r isw_defeaigdde_Volume0_dmraid00

dmevent_tool -u is used to unregister a volume group from dmeventd
dmevent_tool -u isw_defeaigdde_Volume0_dmraid00


dmevent_tool returns an exit code of 0 for success or 1 for error.


Brian Wood <>

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