Validate desktop entry files


desktop-file-validate [ --no-hints] [ --no-warn-deprecated] [ --warn-kde] FILE...


The desktop-file-validate program is a tool to validate desktop entry files according to the Desktop Entry specification 1.1.

The specification describes a file format to provide information such as name, icon and description for an application. Such a file can then be used as an application launcher and to display the application in the applications menu.

For information about the Desktop Entry specification, see .

The desktop entry files are commonly called desktopfiles .


The following options are supported:

--no-hints Do not output hints about things that might be improved in the desktop file.

--no-warn-deprecated Do not warn about usage of deprecated items that were defined in previous versions of the specification.

--warn-kde Warn about usage of KDE extensions to the specification. This includes the use of the KDEDesktop Entry group, of the ServiceTypes , DocPath , Keywords , InitialPreference , Dev , FSType , MountPoint , ReadOnly , UnmountIcon keys, or of the Service , ServiceType and FSDevice types.


If you find bugs in the desktop-file-validate program, please report these on


desktop-file-edit(1) desktop-file-install(1)

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