a compositor for X11


compton - a compositor for X11


compton [-d display] [-r radius] [-o opacity] [-l left-offset] [-t top-offset] [-i opacity] [-e opacity] [-cCfFSdG]


compton is a compositor based on Dana Jansens' version of xcompmgr (which itself was written by Keith Packard). It includes many improvements over the original xcompmgr, including window frame opacity, inactive window transparency, and shadows on argb windows.


-d display
Specifies the display to manage.
-r radius
Specifies the blur radius for client-side shadows.
-o opacity
Specifies the opacity for client-side shadows.
-l left-offset
Specifies the left offset for client-side shadows.
-t top-offset
Specifies the top offset for client-side shadows.
-I fade-in-step
Specifies the opacity change between steps while fading in.
-O fade-out-step
Specifies the opacity change between steps while fading out.
-D fade-delta
Specifies the time (in milliseconds) between steps in a fade.
Enable client-side shadows on windows.
When -c is specified, enables a smooth fade effect for transient windows like menus, and for all windows on hide and restore events.
When -c is specified, attempts to avoid painting shadows on panels and docks.
When -c is specified, attempts to avoid painting shadows on drag-and-drop windows.
When -f is specified, also enables the fade effect when windows change their opacity, as with transset(1).
Attempt to fork to background after registering compositor.
-i opacity
Specifies inactive window transparency. (0.1 - 1.0)
-e opacity
Specifies window frame transparency. (0.1 - 1.0)
Enables synchronous operation. Useful for debugging.


Please report any you find to


xcompmgr, originally written by Keith Packard, with contributions from Matthew Allum, Eric Anholt, Dan Doel, Thomas Luebking, Matthew Hawn, Ely Levy, Phil Blundell, and Carl Worth. Compton by Christopher Jeffrey, based on Dana Jansens' original work.

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