Color Manager Testing Tool


' colormgr 'u colormgr [ --verbose ][ --version ]


This manual page documents briefly the colormgr command .

colormgr allows an administrator to view and change color profile to device mappings .


This program follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes ( -. A summary of options is included below .

--help Show summary of options .


This program takes commands with a variable number of arguments .

create-device device_id scope Create a device

create-profile profile_id scope Create a profile

delete-device device Deletes a device

delete-profile profile Deletes a profile

device-add -profile device profile Add a profile to a device that already exists

device-get -default -profile device Gets the default profile for a device

device-get -profile -for -qualifier device qualifier Returns all the profiles that match a qualifier

device-inhibit device timeout Inhibits colour profiles for this device

device-make -profile -default device profile Makes a profile default for a device

device-set -enabled Enables or disables the device

device-set -kind device kind Sets the device kind

device-set -model device model Sets the device model

device-set -serial device serial Sets the device serial

device-set -vendor device vendor Sets the device vendor

find-device device_id Find a device from the device ID

find-device -by -property key value Find a device with a given property value

find-profile profile_id Find a profile from the profile ID

find-profile -by -filename filename Find a profile by filename

get-devices Gets all the color managed devices

get-devices -by -kind kind Gets all the color managed devices of a specific kind

get-profiles Gets all the available color profiles

get-sensor -reading display_type Gets a reading from a sensor

get-sensors Gets all the available colour sensors

get-standard -space standard_space Get a standard colourspace

import-profile filename Copies an .icc file into the correct per -user directory and shows information about the imported profile .

profile-set -property profile name value Sets extra properties on the profile

sensor-lock Locks the colour sensor

sensor-set -options name value Sets one or more sensor options


This manual page was written by Richard Hughes <richard@hughsie .com> .

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