Tool for inspection and simple manipulation of eBPF programs and maps.


List information about loaded eBPF programs

$ bpftool prog list

List eBPF program attachments in the kernel networking subsystem
$ bpftool net list

List all active links
$ bpftool link list

List all raw_tracepoint, tracepoint, kprobe attachments in the system
$ bpftool perf list

List BPF Type Format (BTF) data
$ bpftool btf list

List information about loaded maps
$ bpftool map list

Probe a network device "eth0" for supported eBPF features
$ bpftool feature probe dev [eth0]

Run commands in batch mode from a file
$ bpftool batch file [myfile]


bpftool [OPTIONS] OBJECT { COMMAND | help }

bpftool batch file FILE

bpftool version

OBJECT := { map | program | cgroup | perf | net | feature }

OPTIONS := { { -V | --version } | { -h | --help } | { -j | --json } [{ -p | --pretty }] }

MAP-COMMANDS := { show | list | create | dump | update | lookup | getnext | delete | pin | event_pipe | help }

PROG-COMMANDS := { show | list | dump jited | dump xlated | pin | load | attach | detach | help }

CGROUP-COMMANDS := { show | list | attach | detach | help }

PERF-COMMANDS := { show | list | help }

NET-COMMANDS := { show | list | help }

FEATURE-COMMANDS := { probe | help }


bpftool allows for inspection and simple modification of BPF objects on the system.

Note that format of the output of all tools is not guaranteed to be stable and should not be depended upon.


-h, --help

Print short help message (similar to bpftool help).

-V, --version

Print version number (similar to bpftool version), and optional features that were included when bpftool was compiled. Optional features include linking against libbfd to provide the disassembler for JIT-ted programs (bpftool prog dump jited) and usage of BPF skeletons (some features like bpftool prog profile or showing pids associated to BPF objects may rely on it).

-j, --json

Generate JSON output. For commands that cannot produce JSON, this option has no effect.

-p, --pretty

Generate human-readable JSON output. Implies -j.

-d, --debug

Print all logs available, even debug-level information. This includes logs from libbpf as well as from the verifier, when attempting to load programs.

-m, --mapcompat

Allow loading maps with unknown map definitions.

-n, --nomount

Do not automatically attempt to mount any virtual file system (such as tracefs or BPF virtual file system) when necessary.


bpf(2), bpf-helpers(7), bpftool-btf(8), bpftool-cgroup(8), bpftool-feature(8), bpftool-gen(8), bpftool-iter(8), bpftool-link(8), bpftool-map(8), bpftool-net(8), bpftool-perf(8), bpftool-prog(8), bpftool-struct_ops(8)

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