send ARP REQUEST to a neighbour host


Ping a host by ARP request packets

$ arping [host_ip]

Ping a host on a specific interface

$ arping -I [interface] [host_ip]

Ping a host and stop at the first reply

$ arping -f [host_ip]

Ping a host a specific number of times

$ arping -c [count] [host_ip]

Broadcast ARP request packets to update neighbours' ARP caches

$ arping -U [ip_to_broadcast]

Detect duplicated IP addresses in the network by sending ARP requests with a 3 seconds timeout

$ arping -D -w [3] [ip_to_check]


' arping 'u arping [ -AbDfhqUV] [ -c count ][ -w deadline ][ -s source ][ -I interface ] destination


Ping destination on device interface by ARP packets, using source address source .


-A The same as -U ,but ARP REPLY packets used instead of ARP REQUEST .

-b Send only MAC level broadcasts . Normally arping starts from sending broadcast, and switch to unicast after reply received .

-c count Stop after sending count ARP REQUEST packets . With deadline option, instead wait for count ARP REPLY packets, or until the timeout expires .

-D Duplicate address detection mode (DAD) . See RFC2131, 4 .4 .1 . Returns 0, if DAD succeeded i .e . no replies are received

-f Finish after the first reply confirming that target is alive .

-I interface Name of network device where to send ARP REQUEST packets .

-h Print help page and exit .

-q Quiet output . Nothing is displayed .

-s source IP source address to use in ARP packets . If this option is absent, source address is:

In DAD mode (with option -D )set to 0 .0 .0 .0 .

In Unsolicited ARP mode (with options -U or -A )set to destination .

Otherwise, it is calculated from routing tables .

-U Unsolicited ARP mode to update neighbours (Aq ARP caches . No replies are expected .

-V Print version of the program and exit .

-w deadline Specify a timeout, in seconds, before arping exits regardless of how many packets have been sent or received . In this case arping does not stop after count packet are sent, it waits either for deadline expire or until count probes are answered .


arping requires CAP_NET_RAW capability to be executed . It is not recommended to be used as set -uid root, because it allows user to modify ARP caches of neighbour hosts .


arping is part of iputils package .


ping(8), clockdiff(8), tracepath(8).


arping was written by Alexey Kuznetsov <kuznet@ms2 .inr .ac .ru> .

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