Utility to extract debconf config and templates from Debian packages


apt-extracttemplates [-t=temporary_directory] filename... {-v | --version} {-h | --help}


apt-extracttemplates will take one or more Debian package files as input and write out (to a temporary directory) all associated config scripts and template files. For each passed in package that contains config scripts and templates, one line of output will be generated in the format: package version template-file config-script template-file and config-script are written to the temporary directory specified by the -t or --tempdir (APT::ExtractTemplates::TempDir) directory, with filenames of the form package.template.XXXXXX and package.config.XXXXXX


All command line options may be set using the configuration file, the descriptions indicate the configuration option to set. For boolean options you can override the config file by using something like -f-,--no-f, -f=no or several other variations. -t, --tempdir Temporary directory in which to write extracted debconf template files and config scripts. Configuration Item: APT::ExtractTemplates::TempDir -h, --help Show a short usage summary. -v, --version Show the program version. -c, --config-file Configuration File; Specify a configuration file to use. The program will read the default configuration file and then this configuration file. If configuration settings need to be set before the default configuration files are parsed specify a file with the APT_CONFIG environment variable. See apt.conf(5) for syntax information. -o, --option Set a Configuration Option; This will set an arbitrary configuration option. The syntax is -o Foo::Bar=bar. -o and --option can be used multiple times to set different options.


apt-extracttemplates returns zero on normal operation, decimal 100 on error.


APT bug page[1]. If you wish to report a bug in APT, please see /usr/share/doc/debian/bug-reporting.txt or the reportbug(1) command.


Jason Gunthorpe APT team


1. APT bug page http://bugs.debian.org/src:apt



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