Password dictionary attack tool that targets windows authentication via the SMB protocol


acccheck [-t{IP}|-T{FILE}][-p,-P,-u,-U,-v]


Attempts to connect to the IPC$ and ADMIN$ shares depending on which flags have been chosen, and tries a combination of usernames and passwords in the hope to identify the password to a given account via a dictionary password guessing attack.


User must use one of these options in order to specify the target(s) to probe.

-t [single host IP address]
-T [file containing target ip address(es)]


Once target(s) is(are) defined, user may use the following ones:

-p [single password]
-P [file containing passwords]
-u [single user]
-U [file containing usernames]
-v [verbose mode]


Attempt the 'Administrator' account with a [BLANK] password.
acccheck -t
Attempt all passwords in 'password.txt' against the 'Administrator' account.
acccheck -t -P password.txt
Attempt all password in 'password.txt' against all users in 'users.txt'.
acccehck -t -U users.txt -P password.txt
Attempt a single password against a single user.
acccheck -t -u administrator -p password


Faisal Dean (Faiz) <>

This manual page was written by Marcos Fouces <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).

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