File management

:e reload file
:q quit
:q! quit without saving changes
:w write file
:w {file} write new file
:x write file and exit


k up
h left
l right
j down
w next start of word
W next start of whitespace-delimited word
e next end of word
E next end of whitespace-delimited word
b previous start of word
B previous start of whitespace-delimited word
0 start of line
$ end of line
gg go to first line in file
G go to end of file
gk move down one displayed line
gj move up one displayed line


a append after the cursor
A append at the end of the line
i insert before the cursor
I insert at the beginning of the line
o create a new line under the cursor
O create a new line above the cursor
R enter insert mode but replace instead of inserting chars
:r {file} insert from file


u undo
yy yank (copy) a line
y{motion} yank text that {motion} moves over
p paste after cursor
P paste before cursor
<Del> or x delete a character
dd delete a line
d{motion} delete text that {motion} moves over

Search and replace

:s/foo/bar/ replace the first match of 'foo' with 'bar' on the current line only
:s/foo/bar/g replace all matches (`g` flag) of 'foo' with 'bar' on the current line only
:%s/foo/bar/g replace all matches of 'foo' with 'bar' in the entire file (`:%s`)
:%s/foo/bar/gc ask to manually confirm (`c` flag) each replacement

Multiple windows

:e filename edit another file
:split filename split window and load another file
ctrl-w up arrow move cursor up a window
ctrl-w ctrl-w move cursor to another window (cycle)
ctrl-w_ maximize current window
ctrl-w= make all equal size
10 ctrl-w+ increase window size by 10 lines
:vsplit file vertical split
:sview file same as split, but readonly
:hide close current window
:only keep only this window open
:ls show current buffers
:b 2 open buffer #2 in this window
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