Ctrl+f Move forward a character
Ctrl+b Move backward a character
Ctrl+p Move to the previous line
Ctrl+n Move to the next line
Ctrl+a Move to the beginning of the current line
Ctrl+e Move to the end of the current line
Ctrl+v Move forward one page
Ctrl+y Move backward one page

Basic usage

Ctrl+g View Pico’s online help
Ctrl+x Exit Pico, saving the file
Ctrl+l Refresh the display
Ctrl+w Search for (where is) text
Ctrl+t Spell check the text
Ctrl+j Format (justify) the current paragraph


Ctrl+d Delete the character at the cursor position
Ctrl+^ Begin selecting text at the cursor.*
Ctrl+k Remove (cut) selected text or current line
Ctrl+u Paste (uncut) last cut text at the cursor position
Ctrl+i Insert a tab at the current cursor position
Ctrl+r Insert (read in) a file at the cursor
Ctrl+o Write (output) the buffer to a file, saving it
Copied to clipboard