Ctrl+G Show help menu
Ctrl+C Show current line number and file information
Ctrl+W Find a word or phrase. Hit Ctrl+R to move into replace mode. Alternatively hit Ctrl+T to go to a specific line


← ↑ → → Move the cursor
Ctrl+A Move to beginning of line
Ctrl+E Move to end of line
Ctrl+Y Move down a page
Ctrl+V Move up a page
Ctrl+_ Move to a specific line
Ctrl+C Find out what line the cursor is currently on


Ctrl+X Exit nano. You will be prompted to save your file if you haven't
Ctrl+O Save a contents without exiting. Hit Ctrl+T to select an existing file
Ctrl+R Read a text file. Hit Ctrl+T to select an existing file
Ctrl+T When saving or reading a file, opens a browser that allows you to select a filename from a list of files and directories


Ctrl+K Cut a line into the clipboard. You can press this repeatedly to cut multiple lines
Ctrl+U Uncut text. You can press this repeatedly to past multiple to past multiple time
BackSpace Delete character currently in front of the cursor
Ctrl+D Delete character currently under the cursor
Ctrl+J Justify a paragraph of text
Copied to clipboard