x86 virtualization solution


VBoxClient --clipboard|--draganddrop|--display|--checkhostver‐ sion|--seamless|check3d|--vmsvga|--vmsvga-x11[-d|--nodaemon]


Starts the VirtualBox DRM/X Window System guest services.


--clipboard starts the shared clipboard service --draganddrop starts the drag and drop service --display starts the display management service --checkhostversion starts the host version notifier service --check3d tests whether 3D pass-through is enabled --seamless starts the seamless windows service --vmsvga starts VMSVGA dynamic resizing for DRM --vmsvga-x11 starts VMSVGA dynamic resizing for X11 -f, --foreground run in the foreground (no daemonizing) -d, --nodaemon continues running as a system service -h, --help shows this help text -V, --version shows version information

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