x86 virtualization solution




Mount the VirtualBox shared folder NAME from the host system to MOUNTā€ POINT. -w mount the shared folder writable (the default) -r mount the shared folder read-only -n do not create an mtab entry -s sloppy parsing, ignore unrecognized mount options -o OPTION[,OPTION...] use the mount options specified Available mount options are: rw mount writable (the default) ro mount read only uid=UID set the default file owner user id to UID gid=GID set the default file owner group id to GID ttl=TTL set the "time to live" to TID for the dentry dmode=MODE override the mode of all directories to (octal) MODE fmode=MODE override the mode of all regular files to (octal) MODE umask=UMASK set the umask to (octal) UMASK dmask=UMASK set the umask applied to directories only fmask=UMASK set the umask applied to regular files only iocharset CHARSET use the character set CHARSET for I/O operations (default set is utf8) convertcp CHARSET convert the folder name from CHARSET to utf8 Less common used options: noexec,exec,nodev,dev,nosuid,suid

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