wireless sniffer and monitor


kismet [OPTION]


Nearly all of these options are run-time overrides for values in the kismet.conf configuration file. Permanent changes should be made to the configuration file.


-v, --version Show version --no-console-wrapper Disable server console wrapper --no-ncurses-wrapper Disable server console wrapper --debug Disable the console wrapper and the crash handling functions, for debugging -f, --config-file Use alternate configuration file --no-line-wrap Turn of linewrapping of output (for grep, speed, etc) -s, --silent Turn off stdout output after setup phase --daemonize Spawn detached in the background --no-plugins Do not load plugins --homedir Use an alternate path as the home directory instead of the user entry --confdir Use an alternate path as the base config directory instead of the default set at compile time --datadir Use an alternate path as the data directory instead of the de‐ fault set at compile time.


-T, --log-types Override activated log types -t, --log-title Override default log title -p, --log-prefix <prefix> Directory to store log files -n, --no-logging Disable logging entirely</p> </div> <h2 onclick="togglePanel(this)" class="accordion-button active"><a id="device-tracking-options">DEVICE TRACKING OPTIONS</a></h2> <div class="panel"> <p>--device-timeout=n Expire devices after N seconds</p> </div> <h2 onclick="togglePanel(this)" class="accordion-button active"><a id="see-also">SEE ALSO</a></h2> <div class="panel"> <p>The full documentation for Kismet is maintained in a separate package kismet-docs. More information here: https://www.kismetwire‐</p> </div> <button onclick="toggleAll(this)" class="toggle-all-button">COLLAPSE ALL</button></div> <div class="tooltip"><b>Copied to clipboard</b></div> <div class="server-button"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="/images/digitalocean.jpg" alt="free 100$ digital ocean credit"></a></div> <footer>Access all the data from your your phone. Works offline. No third party analytics.<br><a href=""><img src="/images/app_store.svg" alt="Apple App Store" class="download-icon"></a> <a href=""><img src="/images/en_badge_web_generic.png" alt="Google Play Store" class="download-icon"></a><br>Simon Schubert -</footer> <script src="/scripts/man.js?v=1.0.1"></script> </body> </html>