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Bridge between system Upstart and session Upstart

upstart-event-bridge [OPTIONS]...

upstart-event-bridge receives information about Upstart system events(8) have completed and creates Upstart session events for them.

It emits events which match the pattern ":sys:*". Forwarding any event that’s triggered on the system upstart as well as a virtual "restarted" event when upstart itself is restarted (during upgrades).

See upstart-events(7) and for further details.

This bridge should be run as a user, after the session bus has been setup and only once per session init.


Detach and run in the background.


Enable debugging output.


Show brief usage summary.


Enable verbose output.

Since events emitted by this bridge at the session level are copies of the original system events, the blocking semantics of the original system events are not retained.

Some examples of Upstart events generated by this bridge:

Event emitted when the system Upstart is restarted.


Any event emitted on the system Upstart.

Written by Stéphane Graber <>

Report bugs at <>

Copyright © 2012 Canonical Ltd.

This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

init(5) init(8) events(7)

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