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Format and print text using ghostscript gsbj

gslp -12BclqRr -b<header> -f<font> -F<hfont> -L<lines> -p<outfile> -T<n> --add-to-space <units> --add-to-width <units> --columns <n> --detect --first-page <n> --kern <file.afm> --last-page <n> --(heading|footing)-(left|center|right) <string> --margin-(top|bottom|left|right) <inches> --no-eject-(file|formfeed) --spacing <n> [gs options] [files] gsbj [options] [files] gsdj [options] [files] gsdj500 [options] [files] gslj [options] [files]

This utility provides functionality approximately equivalent to the Unix enscript(1) program. It prints plain text files using a single font. It currently handles tabs and formfeeds, but not backspaces. It will line-wrap when using fixed-pitch fonts. It will also do kerning and width adjustment.

The default device (-sDEVICE=) and resolution (-r) are as follows:

 gslp epson 180 gsbj bj10e 180 gsdj deskjet 300 gsdj500 djet500 300 gslj laserjet 300 
By default the current date is formatted as the center header.

Standard switches implemented:
-12BclqRr -b<header> -f<font> -F<hfont> -L<lines> -p<outfile>
Sun switches implemented:
-T<n>set tab width
Switches ignored:
-GghKkmow -# -C -d -J -n -P -S -s -t -v
Switches added:
--add-to-space <units>
add the given number of 1/72" units to the width of each space (may be negative)
--add-to-width <units>
add the given number of 1/72" units to the width of each character (may be negative)
--columns <n>
print in <n> columns
treat the file as PostScript if it starts with %!
--first-page <n>
start printing at page <n>
--kern <file.afm>
kern using information from the given .AFM file
--last-page <n>
stop printing after page <n>
--(heading|footing)-(left|center|right) <string>
set the heading/footing fields; use -B first to clear
--margin-(top|bottom|left|right) <inches>
set a margin
end-of-file/FF only starts a new column, not a new sheet
--spacing <n>
use double (n=2), triple (n=3), etc. spacing
Also, the string %# in a heading or footing is replaced with the page #.


This document was last revised for Ghostscript version 9.19.

Artifex Software, Inc. are the primary maintainers of Ghostscript. This manpage by George Ferguson.

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