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Remove unnecessary whitespace

git stripspace [-s | --strip-comments] git stripspace [-c | --comment-lines] 

Read text, such as commit messages, notes, tags and branch descriptions, from the standard input and clean it in the manner used by Git.

With no arguments, this will:

• remove trailing whitespace from all lines
• collapse multiple consecutive empty lines into one empty line
• remove empty lines from the beginning and end of the input
• add a missing \n to the last line if necessary.

In the case where the input consists entirely of whitespace characters, no output will be produced.

NOTE: This is intended for cleaning metadata, prefer the --whitespace=fix mode of git-apply(1) for correcting whitespace of patches or files in the repository.

-s, --strip-comments

Skip and remove all lines starting with comment character (default #).

-c, --comment-lines

Prepend comment character and blank to each line. Lines will automatically be terminated with a newline. On empty lines, only the comment character will be prepended.

Given the following noisy input with $ indicating the end of a line:

|A brief introduction $ | $ |$ |A new paragraph$ |# with a commented-out line $ |explaining lots of stuff.$ |$ |# An old paragraph, also commented-out. $ | $ |The end.$ | $ 

Use git stripspace with no arguments to obtain:

|A brief introduction$ |$ |A new paragraph$ |# with a commented-out line$ |explaining lots of stuff.$ |$ |# An old paragraph, also commented-out.$ |$ |The end.$ 

Use git stripspace --strip-comments to obtain:

|A brief introduction$ |$ |A new paragraph$ |explaining lots of stuff.$ |$ |The end.$ 

Part of the git(1) suite

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