Linux Command Library


disable an apache2 module

 a2enmod [ [-q|--quiet] module] a2dismod [ [-q|--quiet] module] 

 This manual page documents briefly the a2enmod and a2dismod commands. a2enmod is a script that enables the specified module within the apache2 configuration. It does this by creating symlinks within /etc/apache2/mods-enabled. Likewise, a2dismod disables a module by removing those symlinks. It is not an error to enable a module which is already enabled, or to disable one which is already disabled. Note that many modules have, in addition to a .load file, an associated .conf file. Enabling the module puts the configuration directives in the .conf file as directives into the main server context of apache2. 

 -q, --quiet Don't show informative messages. -m, --maintmode Enables the maintainer mode, that is the program invocation is effectuated automatically by a maintainer script. This switch should not be used by end users. -p, --purge When disabling a module, purge all traces of the module in the internal state data base. 

 a2enmod and a2dismod exit with status 0 if all modules are processed successfully, 1 if errors occur, 2 if an invalid option was used. 

 a2enmod imagemap a2dismod mime_magic Enables the mod_imagemap module, and disables the mod_mime_magic module. 

 /etc/apache2/mods-available Directory with files giving information on available modules. /etc/apache2/mods-enabled Directory with links to the files in mods-available for enabled modules. 

 apache2ctl(8), a2enconf(8), a2disconf(8). 

 This manual page was written by Daniel Stone <> for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution, as it is a Debian-specific script with the package. 12 October 2006 A2ENMOD(8) 

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